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African Exclusive safaris to Kenya and Tanzania Safari holidays, Kenyas Safari under canvas trips, Tanzania Tours and adventure trips,African Family and honeymoon Beach Vacations to a Kenyan safari - Travel Guide, Safaris in Tanzania, African safari and Wildlife beach Holidays.East Africa Safari - Combined Kenya & Tanzania Safari tours

We have made a careful selection of Top best African safari tours in Kenya Uganda and Tanzania Travel. These are rated most popular by both our consultants and our customers and are highly recommended. Whether you are a romantic looking to enjoy the sandy white beaches of Zanzibar, a wildlife enthusiast with game viewing as a top priority, an adventurer wishing to experience a close-encounter with mountain gorillas, or simply short on time and looking for the ultimate Fly-in Safari over the Masai Mara, we have what you are looking for. These are our favourite safari tours and by choosing one of these, you can be sure of the best African experience available.

For a lot of people who decide to visit Africa their main interest is to view the wildlife. No other continent offers the same opportunities to see such a diverse spectrum of wildlife often in very close proximity.
The "Big 5" refers to five of Africa's wild animals, they are - Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino. As with all wildlife viewing some good luck and patience is required, but above all having an experienced safari guide. With the safaris and countries we recommend below, you will have the very best chance of spotting them all in their natural habitat

African exclusive Offers best picked ,recommended travel tours proven to most popular safari tours in East Africa. They come highly recommended and provide you with peace-of-mind that your choice is one of the best African experiences available simply an African Luxury holiday experience you can afford.

Choosing and booking Range of Kenya Road Safaris (with the option of using either a custom safari minibus or 4x4 landcruiser), Kenya flying luxury tented safaris, Tanzania Luxury lodge safaris, Uganda gorilla safaris as well as Rwanda gorilla safaris. We also arrange for climbing excursions to Mt Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro as well Combing with Safaris and Zanzibar Beach extensions
We offer exclusive Kenya and Tanzania Family Holidays where you experience African Culture,wildlife adventure walks and taste of the art in African view also find your Romantic holidays in Kenya and Zanzibar combined with beaches also offering not only the finest of the African travel but experience of life of the African people.

African Safari Kenya, Tanzania Zanzibar ,Lamu Beach tour holidays: East Africa Travel Packages

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